Our Goals

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The United Way of Southeastern Idaho is leading the way in our region to unite our community around complex problems. As a community, we aim to put results at the center. This means our goals reflect the ideal state or outcome that we are fighting for in each impact area.

Improvements and progress toward any of these goals represent true progress for SE Idahoans in living healthy, financially stable lives. 

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Cradle to Career Opportunity Gap Goals
All children in Eastern Idaho will enter school ready for kindergarten.
Every person in Eastern Idaho will obtain a postsecondary credential or degree leading to economic empowerment.
Food Insecurity Goals
All individuals, especially vulnerable populations (low-income seniors and children) and rural communities, have access to healthy food and nutrition
All individuals have access to programs that support good nutrition
Housing Stability and Shelter Goals
All ALICE families have access to permanent, supportive, and affordable housing in our region.
All ALICE families have access to resources to avoid evictions that result in homelessness.
All individuals & families (including survivors of domestic violence) experiencing homelessness have access to safe, reliable shelter and case management services in our region
Mental Health/Access to Healthcare for uninsured/underinsured Goals
All SE Idahoans have affordable access to mental and behavioral healthcare
All SE Idahoans have access to health insurance and basic healthcare
All individuals, especially survivors of abuse, have access to a safe living environment