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FamilyWize: Free Prescription Discount Program

United Way of Southeastern Idaho helps to strengthen the community in a number of ways, including investing your dollars in local special initiatives that affect positive change in the seven southeastern-most counties of Idaho (Bannock, Bear Lake, Binghan, Caribou, Franklin, Oneida, Power) and the Fort Hall Indian Reservation. 
Special initiatives allow your dollars to work on challenges in the community that a single agency cannot address alone.  These efforts are a part of the greater Return On your Investment you get by donating to United Way. 


Free prescription discount cards

One of the easiest ways to help families and individuals who are struggling to make ends meet is to provide them with United Way of Southeastern Idaho's free prescription discount cards.  In the seven-county Southeastern Idaho area last year, people experienced an out-of-pocket savings of more than $85,000.  Discounts vary by prescription--in our region they average between 30% to 46% off the price of the prescription without the card.  Anyone can use the cards anywhere in the nation at participating pharmacies.  With the exception of a couple of locally owned pharmacies, all area pharmacies participate in the program.  Please call if a pharmacy tells you they don't take the card.  In nearly every case, your card will be accepted.

The cards work for prescriptions that are not covered by insurance, including when you are still meeting your deductible, if a specific medicine is not covered by your insurance or if you do not have insurance. You can learn more about the program by clicking here.

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