Pre school children sitting in class

UWSEI is helping create a massive increase in the number of children attending high quality early learning programs in American Falls


Through our Preschool the Idaho Way grant program, the United Way of Southeastern Idaho will support 74 enrolled preschoolers this year in American Falls through our Preschool the Idaho Way Collaborative – a partnership with American Falls School District #381, early learning programs Light House Too, St. Johns, and Head Start, IdahoSTARS, Lamb Weston and Driscoll Farms, and Health West among others.

Our collaborative program is part of a larger statewide effort being organized by Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children (IAEYC) as part of Preschool the Idaho Way. work.

This is a significant increase over our original expectations of around 30 preschoolers. For a small community, the fact that over 74 three and four year old children are enrolled in our efforts is a huge win for helping these children prepare adequately for Kindergarten.


To make these preschool seats accessible, the United Way of Southeastern Idaho will be providing scholarships to low to moderate income children’s families to help them afford these vital programs. We estimate that we will end up awarding approximately $46,000 in scholarships for these programs during this school year.


For working families, this is a huge support as it allows parents to continue to support their families economically while ensuring that their children are in high-quality early education programs that increase their chances at being school ready once they get to kindergarten. Kindergarten readiness is a strong indicator of future academic success, including a child’s chances at obtaining a postsecondary degree of any kind in the future which is why this investment in a child’s future is a part of our long term strategy to help increase the chances that these children will go on to live a financially stable life as adults.


Parents have been thrilled with this new opportunity and have said:


"We are LOVING the quality education that our daughter is receiving and appreciate the initiative! We are big fans!!"
"I think It’s an awesome thing for lower income families or single parent families. It’s informative and lessens the financial burdens."