POCATELLO, ID, Jan. 6, 2022 – Tim and Sheri Forhan of Blackfoot are the winners of the “Outstanding Adult Philanthropist” award at Idaho Philanthropy Day in Eastern Idaho for their gift to help United Way of Southeastern Idaho assist struggling families. 

Earlier this year, the Forhans gave $20,000 toward two innovative programs that the United Way of Southeastern Idaho is working on, a community resource locator called findhelpidaho.org (currently accessed as findhelp.org) and a new skills development center in Pocatello that will be located in the old car wash on 5th Ave. and is on track to open in 2022. 

The community resource locator findhelpidaho.org will connect community agencies with the community members they serve. It will also allow ALICE families (Asset Limited Income Constrained and Employed) to easily locate community resources in a single digital platform. Once complete, community members will no longer need to call service after service looking for help, which leads to frustration and re-telling traumatic stories. Instead, a process that once took days will be complete in a matter of hours.

Once community members receive the short-term help they need through findhelp.org, the United Way will work to help them achieve long-term stability. In partnership with Pocatello’s Housing Alliance and Community Partnerships, the skills development center will help housing voucher recipients gain the knowledge and skills to become more financially secure in our community. 

“Sheri and I, along with the staff at United Way, believe that addressing the root causes of problems leads to more long-term solutions,” Tim Forhan said.


“We believe in supporting a holistic and sustainable approach to making our community better, and we think these programs will make a big difference in the lives of our local families.”


Winners were chosen by the Idaho Philanthropy Day judges committee after studying each nomination to decide which ones best encompass the spirit of philanthropy including time, talent, treasure and involvement in the community.

“The Forhans’ contribution merits special recognition, because it was given during the very early stages of these programs, and that early investment shows a lot of courage and vision,” said Amy Wuest, Community Resources Director for UWSEI.


“It shows their commitment not just to the initiatives, but to the United Way as a whole and a belief in what our organization does and the hard work that we do to advance ALICE families across the Southeastern Idaho region.”


ForhansTim and Sheri Forhan, of Blackfoot, are the winners of the Outstanding Adult Philanthropist award at Idaho Philanthropy Day in Eastern Idaho for their gift to help United Way of Southeastern Idaho assist struggling families.