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Grade Level Reading

To learn more about the importance of our work to get kids reading proficiently by the end of third grade, take a look at the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading's wonderful website.


Early Childhood Initiative

Investing money in early childhood programs is one of the smartest moves that a community can make.  For every $1 invested in work with children aged 0-6 there is a $21 return in fewer tax dollars needed for remedial school programs, involvement in the criminal justice system, failure to graduate from high school, a lifetime of lower wages and the list goes on. 

We believe that children should have the opportunity to succeed in life.  That is why we focus on those important early years when children's brains are developing the neural pathways they will depend upon the rest of their lives.

A shocking 25% of youth in this country fail to graduate from high school--one of every four young people.  We think Southeastern Idaho can do better than that.  In the coming months we will share the work United Way and partners have done to change that statistic.


The Big Picture