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Community Resource Locator

We designed this resource locator to help streamline the process of finding help when you need it. While the landing page begins with Pocatello, we have included resources from across southeastern Idaho.

  • You can navigate this page by zooming in and out or by clinking and “dragging” the map.
  • To search for resources in a specific town, just zoom in on that town.
  • To search our entire region for a specific type of resource, select a category. You will be able to find detailed information on each service provider by hovering over or clicking on a colored dot.
  • Specific information can be downloaded by selecting a specific service dot, then clicking on the download icon on the bottom right (it’s a bow with an arrow pointing down), then select the “Data” option.

If we have missed something that you believe should be included on this site, please email

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Addiction Services: Programs and other forms of support designed to assist persons experiencing issues associated with addiction, drug abuse, and other closely related conditions.

Adult Education: Educational services designed for adults, ranging from college/university courses to vocational rehabilitation to career readiness programs.

Afterschool Services: Programs that offer a safe space for school-aged children after traditional school hours.

Childcare/preschool: Programs that promote early learning for children 5 and under, with an emphasis on programs designed to enhance access to high-quality early childhood education for low-income families. A comprehensive list of childcare providers can be found on the Idaho Stars website.

Crisis Services: These services are designed to help individuals respond to situations characterized by urgent, unmet needs. In the event of a medical emergency, call 911.

Dental: Programs with this label provide free or low-cost dental services.

Disability Services: These programs provide services to individuals with either physical or mental disabilities.

Domestic Violence: Programs with this label serve the unique needs of survivors of domestic violence.

Employment: Services designed to help individuals find and sustain employment.

Food: Programs designed to provide access to food, typically without cost.

Health Insurance: These services help individuals locate and enroll in various types of health insurance programs.

Housing Support: These services help individuals and families to maintain their homes by supporting a wide variety of issues, such as weatherization, utility payments, maintenance, and other issues.

Low-income Housing: Programs that provide access to affordable housing.

Mental Healthcare: Health programs with the capacity to help address one or more mental health issues.

Primary Healthcare: Health care for adults, children, or both that is designed to help individuals/families address non-emergency health issues and maintain a high level of overall health.

Senior Services: Services designed to meet the unique needs of community members 65 and over.


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