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I need financial assistance

The United Way of Southeastern Idaho is not legally set up to provide direct financial assistance to individuals, but we work with many community partners that do. The best way to find available resources in your area is by calling our 2-1-1 help number. It's a 3-digit number like 9-1-1, but for access to health and human services. Calling 2-1-1 will get you a trained resource and referral specialist, who will know what services are available in your area.  Sometimes the 2-1-1 line can be a problem from a cell phone, or may not yet be available in your immediate area.  If you can't get through on 2-1-1, you can go to and type in your zip code.  It will provide an alternate number where one is available.If you have trouble, you can call our office at 232-1389 and we may be able to point you in the right direction.

I want to volunteer

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with United Way.  There are few ways you might be able to find local volunteer opportunities.First, you can go to and type in your zip code to see if available opportunities are listed for your area, or search agencies alphabetically. There is also a list of current volunteer opportunities which is searchable by interest area which can help narrow down the options quickly. Return often as new opportunities are posted often. Second, you can call our 2-1-1 help line, a 3-digit number like 9-1-1, but for access to health and human services. People can call 2-1-1 if they need help, or want to offer help.  They may know of other available opportunities (especially outside our seven-county region).

I want my business to be involved with United Way

If you want to create and run your own United Way campaign, please contact us at 232-1389 or via email at We are available to answer your questions and guide you in the best fit for your individual workplace campaign. You can also contact us if your business would like to be a Corporate Cornerstone Sponsor (these extremely generous companies cover our overhead costs so individuals' donor dollars can go direct to program) or sponsor our annual events.

I want to request funding for my agency or project

United Way funding happens at the local level.  Local United Ways such as the United Way of Southeastern Idaho are independently incorporated nonprofit organizations with their own grant-making guidelines and local volunteers who make funding decisions.  Our cycle typically begins with opening applications in November which are due in January. After that our local volunteers read the applications, meet with the agencies and determine where the need is greatest in our community in order to invest our donors’ dollars wisely. To request more information about our funding process, please call us at 232-1389 or via email at

What does United Way do?

United Way is a global network in 40 countries, including nearly 1,300 local organizations in the U.S. that advance the common good, creating opportunities for a better life for all by focusing on the three key building blocks of education, income and health. United Way recruits the people and organizations who bring the passion, expertise and resources needed to get things done.  LIVE UNITED® is a call to action for everyone to become part of the change through giving, advocating or volunteering in one of those three areas.

United Ways across the country bring diverse people and resources together to address the most urgent issues their communities face. Through unique partnerships and approaches, United Ways mobilize resources beyond the dollars that are pledged through their fundraising efforts. Community partners often include schools, government policy makers, businesses, organized labor, financial institutions, voluntary and neighborhood associations, community development corporations, and the faith community. National and local initiatives include: 2-1-1, Financial Stability Partnership, Success by Six, Born Learning, and many others.

United Way has now taken a bold leap forward – putting a stake in the ground around three bold goals in order to accelerate change by focusing on issues that can be consistently measured and where we can have the greatest effect. In 2008, we announced national goals that will help to advance the common good by focusing on the basic building blocks of a good life – education, income and health. The 3 specific goals are:

  1. Cut by half the number of young people who drop out of high school
  2. Cut by half the number of working families that lack financial stability
  3. Increase by one-third the percentage of healthy young people and adults.

Local United Ways work to determine how these goals will be addressed in their local communities. We encourage you to read more about the goals.

If none of these responses address your concern please contact United Way of Southeastern Idaho.