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Every Step of the Way, Cradle to Career

United Way of Southeastern Idaho is 110% committed to improve the success of students and enrich the talent pipeline in the seven southeastern counties of Idaho.  We recognize that the economic competitiveness and social well-being of Southeastern Idaho is heavily dependent upon the educational attainment and workforce readiness of our citizens.  Our efforts aim for a significant gain in educational attainment and a region-wide culture shift that moves community members out of the cycle of generational poverty.


Our collaborative partnership, imPACT East Idaho, is focused on the following key areas:

o   Kindergarten readiness

o   Early grade reading

o   Middle grade math proficiency

o   High school graduation

o   Post-secondary education readiness and completion (4yr/2yr/Vo-Tech, Certification)

o   Work force readiness and attainment of sustainable careers


We promote the effective use of data-informed decision making to better drive our work.  The 2018 Education Report Card serves as the baseline in measuring the success of children and youth in our region.  To learn more, call us at 208-232-1389.