Early Learning Committee

Early Learning Committee


All children in Southeastern Idaho will enter kindergarten ready to learn.



  1. Create a PR campaign to:
    • Educate our community about the value of early learning
    • Clearly define what Kindergarten Readiness means
  2. Improve quality in our local daycares and preschools
  3. Broaden involvement of parents and voices of color in our work


Current Work:

Kindergarten Readiness CampaignIn March of 2020, the Early Learning Committee began the rollout of their first strategy.  Target River Marketing developed a robust campaign that ran for 3 months and included a significant amount of data collection.  They are now in the process of developing materials for phase 2 of the PR campaign which will begin in November 2020.  Community feedback from the first phase included a need for easy access to additional free community resources that support families of young children.

Future Work:

The committee is using Fall 2020 to finalize SMART goals and develop a formalized action plan that will be used to plan the implementation of strategies.


Special Projects:

In Spring 2019, United Way of Southeastern Idaho (UWSEI) was approached by our partners at Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children (IDAEYC) about applying for a grant to increase access to preschool in one of the communities in our region. 

We partnered with the city of American Falls and facilitated a collaborative group of their community leaders to develop a plan to increase quality preschool seats by 30 for Fall 2020. 

Through this tremendous partnership, an additional 74 seats were created! Learn more about the initiative


American Falls Collaborative PDF

American Falls Collaborative

Download the PDF

Powerful Partners

Kevin Bailey United Way of Southeastern Idaho
Mindy Benedetti Health West
Judy Boren IdahoSTARS
Amanda Bowden Portneuf District Library
Cathy Brey School District #25 - Head Start
Tennille Call REDI Eastern Idaho
Lori Craney School District #25
Heather Kemp Bannock Youth Foundation
Gretchen Kinghorn School District #25
Teresa McKnight REDI Eastern Idaho
Maria Munoz Parents as Teachers - Southeastern Idaho Public Health
Felice Otero United Way of Southeastern Idaho
Katherine Poulter Marshall Public Library
Kathy Puckett WIC - Southeastern Idaho Public Health
Sunny Shaw Housing Alliance & Community Partnerships
Josh Sorenson Representative Michael Simpson's Office
Laura Thomas IdahoSTARS
Kailey White Housing Alliance & Community Parternships
Amy Wuest United Way of Southeastern Idaho