Cradle to Career

Cradle to Career

Impact East Idaho LogoUnited Way of Southeastern Idaho is committed to improving the success of students and enriching the talent pipeline in our region.  We recognize that the economic competitiveness and social well-being ofour community is heavily dependent upon the educational attainment and workforce readiness of our citizens.  Successful efforts in this area will create a region wide culture shift moving community members out of the cycle of generational poverty and into economic stability.  

The Cradle to Career Continuum (C2C) is the vehicle by which we deliver this work and is only possible through the extensive community partnerships we have cultivated.  All C2C work in our region is executed through the collective impact partnership known as, imPACT East Idaho.  As the backbone organization for imPACT East Idaho, the United Way of Southeastern Idaho facilitates this initiative and ensures the initiative has the resources it needs to develop and implement strategies that make a difference for our students and their families.  

What is the Cradle to Career Continuum?

The period between when a child is born and when they launch into their first job, is full of critical milestones. This is the Cradle to Career Continuum.  Extensive research tells us that if we can support students and their families as they achieve these milestones by removing barriers and offering wrap-around supports, that the long-term impacts for children and families are significant.  Successful navigation through the Cradle to Career Continuum leads to increased wage potential, healthier and longer lives, decreased rates of involvement in the criminal justice system, and much more.  This is the type of future we want for all the children in our community and why imPACT East Idaho was created.  


Cradle to Career: Year in Review

imPACT East Idaho continues to build on its foundation for change along the Cradle to Career Continuum, including bringing motivated community leaders to the table, thoughtful dissection of data, alignment of strategies and programs with partners, building capacity to do collective work, developing relationships with new partners, and community education. Check out what we’ve accomplished this past year!

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The History of imPACT East Idaho and Cradle to Career Work

  • Collaboratives begin to implement strategies (see Cradle to Career related strategies in our strategic plan)


  • Collaboratives analyzed disaggregated data for all C2C milestones for our region.
  • Collaboratives reviewed best practice strategies related to achieving C2C milestones.
  • Collaboratives utilized data and review of best practice to develop outcomes and strategies to begin executing in our region.


  • Formed three distinct C2C collaboratives including: Leadership Table, Early Learning Collaborative, and Education to Careers Collaborative.  


  • Researched C2C work across the nation, reviewed best practices, developed a plan to bring it to Eastern Idaho, sought technical assistance, built cross sector relationships within the community, and made official invites to participate
  • Applied to and was accepted to be part of StriveTogether, a national network of 70+ Cradle to Career partners. 

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