American Falls Early Learning Collaborative

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Armed with the knowledge and data on families and children living in rural areas, we know that low-income families, and households where English is not the primary language, face additional barriers to accessing quality early learning programs.  

The American Falls early learning collaborative was established in 2019 with funding from the Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children. 

The American Falls ELC pilot year was a resounding success.  The goal for Fall 2020 semester was to increase the number of quality preschool seats in American Falls by 30.  That goal was blown out of the water with a total increase of 74 quality seats!  For more information about the successful first year of implementation download our impact report:


American Falls Collaborative PDF

American Falls Collaborative


For Fall 2021 and beyond, the American Falls ELC has established the following priorities:



Every child in American Falls will have the opportunity and access to high quality early learning programs that meet their family’s needs.



  1. To increase kindergarten readiness in School District #381 American Falls.

  2. To continue increasing the number of quality preschool seats in American Falls.
  3. To create a sustainable preschool program for all kids in American Falls, through secured funding, community buy-in/support, and an established scholarship fund.
  4. To develop quality early learning programs and resources, including resources available to families to utilize at home.  

American Falls Collaborative PDF

American Falls Early Learning Needs Assessment


For more information about the American Falls Early Learning Collaborative, please visit: