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Every Step of the Way, Cradle to Career

United Way of Southeastern Idaho is 110% committed to improve the success of students and enrich the talent pipeline in the seven southeastern counties of Idaho.  We recognize that the economic competitiveness and social well-being of Southeastern Idaho is heavily dependent upon the educational attainment and workforce readiness of our citizens.  Our efforts aim for a significant gain in educational attainment and a region-wide culture shift that moves community members out of the cycle of generational poverty. 


Our partnerships are focused on the following key areas:

o   Kindergarten readiness

o   Early grade reading

o   High school graduation

o   Post-secondary education readiness and completion (4yr/2yr/Vo-Tech, Certification)

o   Work force readiness and attainment of sustainable careers


We promote the effective use of data-informed decision making to better drive our work.  To learn more, call us at 208-232-1389.